Attitudes Toward Life

Topics: Luck, Person, Chance Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Attitude Toward Life

I have always heard it said that people are the same under the skin, and in many ways it's true. People have similar impulses, hopes, and dream. However, people vary widely in their attitudes toward life.

A person with a negative attitude puts a pessimistic twist on life even when good things happen. If she has a front-row center seat at the concert, she complain the her neck hurts from sitting so close or that the music is too loud. if he has a new job, he complains that the hours are too long and the benefits inadequate. When I congratulated my friend tim on his new job, his response was typically negative. "It's okay, I guess." he said,"but the money and the chance for advancement aren't that great. I'm just binding my time until some thing else comes along. "negative people can turn even good fortune into bad luck.

A positive person, on the other hand, can find the good in almost anything. my coworker mario always says, "Something good is going to happen today. "At first, I thought Mario's good cheer was just a false front. But I have worked with him for a wile now and I have begun to see that there is nothing fake about his optimism . He really does look for good things to happen, and he sees failure as an incentive to work harder. Any doubt I had about Mario's attitude evaporated when he confided that his wife has cancer . "It's made me realize what's important in my life, "He said, "and its made me closer to her than ever before. " Even tragedy has its positive side to a positive person like mario.

The person with a wait-and-see attitude withholds judgment on everything. if you ask him how he is today, he may cautiously reply, "So far, so good." he sees no point in committing himself when unexpected disaster or great good fortune may befall him at any time. My elderly neighbor is a classic example of the wait-and-see person. the last time I saw her, I asked about her children and grandchildren. she told me that her daughter...
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