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Attitudes of Laboratory High School Students of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University Iba Campus Towards Fraternities in Universities

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participated. Prior to making a change, those opposed can be brought into the decision process. Assuming that the participants have the expertise to make a meaningful contribution, their involvement can reduce resistance. Organizational commitment is defined as a state in which a member identifies with a particular organization and its goals, and wishes to maintain the membership in the organization. So, high job involvement means identifying with one’s employing organization. Organizational commitment is probably a better predictor because it is a more global and enduring response to the organization as a whole than is a job satisfaction. Attitudes are evaluative statements- either favourable or unfavourable- concerning objects, people, or events. They can reflect how one feels about something. When I say “I like my job”, I am expressing my attitude about work. The principles of solidarity stresses “the central ethical category, the main attitude persons and people have to posses on work effectively for development and liberation”. (Gomez, 1991) From this principle is derived such terms as common good, duties, cooperation, and equality. Thus, the very reason why there are groups, cliques, fraternities, organizations, societies, etc. is because man recognizes his basic oneness with his fellowmen. Local

Attitude is a manifestation of how one communicates his or her attitude to other. When you are optimistic and anticipate and successful encounters. You transmit a positive attitude and people usually respond favourably. When you are pessimistic and expect the worst, your attitude is often negative and people tend to avoid you. (Santos, 1996) According to Mison (et al. AI 1992) attitude is a tendency or a predisposition to react, either positively or negatively, to a person, place or circumstance. It is therefore a tendency to respond and can be considered “Leanino” towards a particular direction or another. Organizations have...

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