Attitudes of Bangladeshi People Towards Physically Disabled People

Topics: Disability, Mental disorder, 1916 Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Summary of Research Findings

In my research project I found that most of the people tries to help the disabled people. Most people think that education is useful for them. Bangladeshi people does not hate them and they are ready to take them as leader or team-mate if they can prove themselves. Most people think that disabled people’s low capability of work is the main reason of failure. Most of the respondents said a when a person needs support for movement then he/she is disabled. finally most people agrees with having no fixed job for the disabled people.

I found that most people help the disabled. It does not match with my hypothesis. i also found that people have no problem taking them as co-worker. It also does not match my hypothesis. Another thing that does not matches with my hypothesis is fixed job for the disabled people. One thing that matches is that education is effective for the disabled people.

The reason for it may be people now think that disabled people are not useless. Now people think that every single person is gifted. We cannot do well by separating disabled people apart from us.


In conclusion, though my research was a topic, I think that I could have done better. I have found that, people does not hate the people and help them. I was happy to find this beause my hypothesis was different at this point. I think the word ‘disabled people’ should no longer exist because we should stop making classes. If it is done properly then there will be a time where we shall live in harmony. So, my suggestion will be to consider disabled people as normal people and help them in every possible way then they can give us something new and creative.


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