Attitudes and Behaviors

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Reflective Blog: Attitudes and Behavior:
Attitudes symbolize the working environment’s goal and willing to work in a cohesive manner to achieve success in my office. Attitudes are infectious and can affect the people that are near the person, which in turn can influence their behavior. The broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions suggests that positive emotions broaden one's awareness and encourage novel, varied, and exploratory thoughts and actions. (IntroductiontoPsychology/Retrieved 4/21/13). Positive attitudes that exist in my office are motivation, and conflict resolution. One negative attitude that exists and has been persistent is lacking emotional intelligence. Motivational attitudes in my office derive from the fact of our business partnership and the caveat of we must produce to get paid. In order to work for yourself you must possess a high level of self-efficacy to be successful financially and to have business growth. The lacking of emotional intelligence is attributed to not having proper oversight and dealing with the other partner’s personality of managing certain task. This is an effect of not having a proper standard of procedure which in turn at the moment is constantly changing orally and not expressly. In addressing these certain behaviors I have implemented a standard operation procedure(SOP) for any task that must be completed whether it is as simple as filing to a more difficult task pertaining to conflict resolution with another employee or customer. The result is a positive effort of other partners and employees embracing a standard to go off in any situation they are facing on day to day which in turn eliminates mistakes of being unethical. The main recommendation is although I have implemented a SOP certain new adverse problems are constantly arising which is the same for any business. The leadership change I would have enforced is eliminating the oral directions to handle certain situations and making a mandate to...
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