Attitude Towards the Setting Up of a Counselling Unit at School to Decrease Behavioural Problems

Topics: High school, College, School counselor Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Attitude towards the setting up of a counselling Unit at School to Decrease Behavioural Problems 1.0Introduction
[1]The Republic of Mauritius has attained substantial progress in the enhancement of human welfare, the ultimate goal of development. Mauritius can be considered to be one among the most advanced countries in the African continent. The Mauritian youth are now living in a society transformed by technological progress, mainly due to easy access to internet – The youth has access to social networks such as Facebook, twitter, msn chat programs and information on any subject can be obtained by a single click. Though we have progressed Technologically we are also facing social drawbacks. From a survey carried out by [2]Dr. V. Ramharai ‘’Discipline/Indiscipline and Violence in Secondary Schools in Mauritius’’ – There is an increase in Behavioural Problems in Schools such as: Showing No Respect to Teachers, Using/writing foul language in class, smoking, Playing Truant, Vandalism, Consumption of alcohol etc.. [2]The main causes highlighted can be categorised as internal and external factors. Some of the internal factors are Rules and Regulations, Consistency and faireness of sanctions, Teacher’s professional skills, Lack of Co-Curricular Skills, Lack of Role Modelling, Communication channels, Generation Gaps. Some of the external factors are: Discipline, Parents Expectations, Degenerating family relationships and Unstable family Background.

The scope of this research is to evaluate the proposal of Setting Up A Counselling Unit in Secondary Schools to tackle with the above mentioned social problems.

[3]The notion that schools have some responsibility for the well-being of their pupils is not new. There are some who believe that the ideology of pastoral care in school daes back to the work of pioneering headmasters of the late eighteenth and early nineteeth centuries.

The objective of the Counselling Unit is to :
* Understand the extent to...
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