Attitude of Students Towards Physics: It’s Influence to Their Academic Performance

Likert scale , Thought , Emotion

Chapter I


Background of the Study

Physics is considered as the most problematic area within the realm of science, and it traditionally attracts fewer pupils than chemistry and biology. Physics is perceived as a difficult course for students from secondary school to university and also for adult in graduate education. In developed countries, it has been determined that goals of science are never fully realized, that student success in physics is lower than chemistry and biology, that student doesn’t like science lecture and that most have no preference in science, particularly physics( Boylon,1996). It is well known that both and high school and college students find physics difficult, and as a scientific discipline it is avoided because of its negative reputation. In a general analysis of the situation in school in England Osborne, et al. (1998) claimed that the subject of physics courses at school are only taken by student who do well and are not taken as incidental or additional subjects.

Exploratory research has revealed the reason association with students attitude toward physics courses and methods of teaching (Craker, 2006; Normah and Salleh) they have highlighted that they take pleasure in physics course if the students know how to plan and implement the strategies of solution to the questions trough teaching methods. Norma and Salleh 2006) indicated that students’ attitude and interest could play an essential role among pupils studying science. Several studies such as Ojzen and Fishbein (2000), Wilson et al (2000), report that student’s positive attitude toward science highly correlate with their achievement in science.

Achievement motivation and student interest are influenced by positive attitude (Miller, 1996) found that students with positive attitudes toward science has positive attitude toward their science teacher, science curriculum, and science curriculum climate. Students’ attitude toward science is more...
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