Attitude Essay: Can Break Your Whole World

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Brittany Ginnity
January 20, 2013
Attitude is what can make or break your whole world. Without a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook in the work force, I can tell you firsthand that you will not make it very far. When employers meet you for the first time, your attitude and the vibe you give off will be the first thing they notice. This is the prime reason why I strive to have the best possible attitude at all times.

I like to describe my attitude as hopeful. I try to find the best of every situation before me. It has been no different for me as I am experiencing work. If anything, it has strengthened me. Because working at a daycare center, you will be faced with unpredictable challenges every day. Every child has different needs and wants that you must cater to, sometimes all at once. In fact, since I started working, I have learned to become excellent at multitasking. And you have to be calm and patient so that you won’t get too overwhelmed with it all. This is something I have found myself to do pretty well at.

Showing the proper attitude at work is a MUST. If an employee fails to do this, it could cost the company by losing customers, therefore hurting them financially. At my job it is important to control my attitude since I work with small children and babies. I do everything in my power keep a sweet and gentle, yet firm tone and to be understanding of the fact that they are just kids. Staying professional and honest with their parents is also a big deal in this field of work. Because it is their choice which daycare facility their child attends, and we never want to lose a customer.

Difficult is not the word that comes to mind when I think about controlling my own attitude. After all, I am the one directly in charge of it. In tough times, all I have to do is remember the reason why I love working at Little Wildcats Academy so much…My love for children. They can turn a frown upside down any day. They help me to grow on a...
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