Attitides, Beliefs, and Behavior Towards Animal Cruelty

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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I did a survey to find out my audiences responses on a very important issue that is going on in the world. From my survey I hoped to get feed back from my audience about there attitudes, beliefs, and behavior towards animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is something that goes on, on a day to day basis and something needs to be done about it. I plan to inform my audience of the problem, show them relating pictures, and ways to stop this problem.

Based on the responses i got from my survey my audiences attitude towards this topic is along the same lines as mine,they don’t like it and they think something needs to be done about it. My audiences belief on animal cruelty is that it is wrong and people that commit animal cruelty need to be punished. About half of my audience believes that if someone commits animal cruelty they should be charged with the same crime as child abuse. The other half doesn’t think that is necessary. Also most of my audience believes that if animal cruelty is committed that person should be put in jail. I think my audiences attitude is that is it wrong and sad that people actually do these kinds of things to animals. The forms of reasoning that I am going to use to persuade my audience is an inductive reasoning. i feel that this will best persuade my audience because I am going to include examples including pictures of what an abused animal looks like. Also I will include example cases that have been reported of animal cruelty. The emotion that I will bring out of my audience is for them to be open minded to my topic and understand where I am coming from. Also after i present my speech, I would just like my audience to be more aware of this problem out there because yes it is talked about, but most of the time nothing is done about it and I would like that to change. I will try to do this by giving statistics of how many cases get reported in a year, show pictures, and ways to things to do to fix this problem.

After my speech, I hope my...
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