Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Research Question

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Research Plan
Brenda Valdez
October 20, 2011
Gary Robbins

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Research Plan

As part of your research plan, you must first draft a research question for your research paper that will guide the rest of your writing.

A research question, which is more specific and focused than a general topic, is the question that your research paper will be answering. For example, if your general area of interest is Social Security, a possible research question might ask “How could low-income families save more money if the United States had a reformed Social Security plan that included personal retirement accounts?”

As you develop a research question, keep in mind that you will need to research sources to support your topic. Do not pick a one-sided question that will limit your research. Instead, develop a research question that lends itself to further exploration and debate—a question you genuinely want to know the answer to. Try to pick a research question that is not too broad (covering too much) or too narrow (covering too little). It should be broad enough to be discussed in a short research paper. What is your general topic or area of interest?| Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)| What is it about your general topic of interest that interests you?| Well my interest is that I just found out that I have ADD and would like to know they Symptoms, treatment beyond medication and other help that may help me understand this disorder and how it work and how to overcome this disorder and be able to be successful.| What questions do you have about the topic that you would like to investigate? List them.| How does someone get ADD? How is it that ADD can ruin our lives and take over if not controlled? Who can help me with this disorder besides medication? How do I understand this disorder and overcome it?| Would any of the questions you listed about the topic make a good subject for a research paper? Pick or adapt one...
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