Attending Mass

Topics: Holy Spirit, Christianity, Trinity Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: September 18, 2012

There are many benefits and reasons of attending Mass. One of the reasons for attending mass is to gain the benefits of the Holy Spirit, and also to receive the body and blood of Christ. Attending mass is also a very big part of our religion it is considered a sin if you don’t attend the service. I believe that mass and prayer is the only way you can communicate with god mentally and physically. But when I’m in church the feeling of warmth and adoration is stronger. Some may as well feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit at mass just as I do once you step into the room. and . The first commandment is the most important one, because it states that only one GOD should be worshiped. I wish to only have one god in my life because the way our attention can be focused to him and only him brings to light the fact we all have something to live for. Mass is very important because we gather together as a “family” to worship the one and only Jesus. It’s a choice to receive him into our lives and become one with his teachings. If you receive it you gain the felling of a new life and self worth. Receiving it alone isn’t enough; Prayer adds to the necessities given in order to fully achieve Jesus’ spirit in our lives. Another commandment that worships god id “Thou shall not use my name in vein” What the commandment means is that you shouldn’t disrespect him. It’s like respecting your elders. He basically made you so you should give him all the respect he needs and more. By saying “oh ** god”, “god d**” your disrespecting his being. The reason I haven’t been going to mass is because I either forget or I don’t have a ride. I take all the blame. It’s my responsibility and it’s on my shoulders to go to mass every Sunday. Not just going to mass but taking part in my churches community. The church is a wonderful place to rejoice and love your self. When you go to mass it’s like you don’t even need an invitation. Its like you were meant to be there and you’re meant to be around...
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