Attendence of an Aa Meeting in March 2008

Topics: Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholism, Leadership Pages: 4 (1102 words) Published: September 4, 2008
Name of Group Attended: Alcoholics Anonymous
Facility and Location of Group Attended:
Date and Time of Group Attended: 3/30/08 at 7 p.m.
Name of Group Leader: Bill

A.A description of the group purpose and setting, providing enough information to let the instructor understand the group set-up.

The main purpose of this meeting is for the attendants to stay sober and help other members achieve and/or maintain sobriety. The only requirement of attending is the desire to stop drinking. It was an open speaker meeting which meant that alcoholics and nonalcoholics were welcomed to attend. This meeting was the type of meeting the members of A.A. share their stories, their problems with alcohol, what brought them there, and how their life has modified since attending A.A.. There was a bunch of tables and chairs set up in a room that could be described as a church recreation room. People were outside before and after the meeting smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and talking.

B.Number, gender, general age, and general disability status (if any) of group members. There were twelve people in attendance not counting me; there were three women and nine men. The age ranged from approximately 30 years old to approximately 70 years old. The attendants of this meeting are suffering or have suffered from alcohol dependence.

C.Number, responsibility, and professional status of the group leader(s) Describe how co-leadership was handled if any occurred.

There was one group leader (Bill) who led the meeting.

D.Describe performance in each of the 7 steps of activity groups. Label each step on the format. If you didn’t see performance in some area,...
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