Attendance Policy in Aui

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Attendance Policy at AUI Is Very Effective.

As we all know, after graduating from high school students opt for college studies. It is very known that college studies are not that easy. Succeeding in college studies requires a lot of work and devotion. The first thing every student without any exception has to do in order to succeed in this kind of studies is to attend every class. Being aware of that fact, AUI has established a very strict attendance policy that state that the student has the right for two absences without being penalized. Starting from the third absence, he will lose 1% from his final grade. If he reaches seven absences in one course, he will fail that course. As a result, a big percentage of students from AUI don’t really like this policy and disagree with it. But even though this policy is not welcomed, I think it is an excellent policy and that can be somehow very effective. It is necessary to have it in our university. The big majority of students in their first year of college have already an idea about their new life. They know that they will have more freedom; this is why they think they will do whatever they want, without anyone asking them to stop. But it is obviously totally wrong. And the attendance policy is the first thing that makes this idea wrong. Actually this policy will make these freshmen more responsible. In high school they were used to someone else to do their laundry, to make food or even to wake them up in the morning so they go to class at time. But this totally changed. Now they have to acquire a certain sense of responsibility. They will have to take life a little bit seriously. By having the attendance, the majority of lazy and spoiled students will be forced to attend class if they really want to pass their courses. So they will learn to wake up early in order to be at the right time in class. They will learn to prepare their assignments and homework earlier so when they attend class they will be ready. They will...
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