Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometrics for Security Staff

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Nowadays, industry is experiencing many technological advancement and changes in methods of learning. With the rise of globalization, it is becoming essential to find an easier and more effective system to help an organization or company. In spite of this matter, there are still business establishments and schools that use the old-fashioned way. In a certain way, one thing that is still in manual process is the recording of attendance. This is one of the problems of the Security Staff of Taguig City University. Dealing with this matter, the proponents thought of an easy way to do the checking of attendance. We come up with a computerized attendance-monitoring system using biometrics. It serves as a timed log-in/ log-out system that is set up as a computerized database. This system maintains a daily record of a person's arrival and departure time from work. Aside from the records of time and date, our system features the name, position and the assigned number of each staff. So it also serves as an identification profile system. The system also protects the employees by providing the exact number of hours they worked, making it much more difficult for employers to cheat them out of their wages. This thesis features all important facts about our system as well as its importance. 1.2 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND

When the first employee time clock was invented in 1888, it had but one purpose: to record the time an employee entered the factory and the time an employee left the factory. This mechanical employee time clock would stamp day and time information on a heavy paper card, hence the name 'time card'. This gave the factory owner an official record of the hours each employee worked. But as the years passed by, the way of thinking of man improved until it reached the age of technology which is our present time.

Security is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss and criminal activity....
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