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Through the different stages of civilizations man always tried to look for ways to make their work and life easier. Man was never satisfied, so the concept of automation was applied to give solutions to different problems from the different fields of Agriculture, Industry, Academic and much more. Most of the companies or institutions nowadays are implementing automated techniques and processes to meet their growing needs, and it can be best defined by widely used of computers and other devices. According to the website, “Students usually begin each new school year with excitement and enthusiasm – even if they don’t show it to adults. The anticipation of new classes, new friendships, and renewing old friendship provides real motivation for daily attendance at school during those first few weeks.” Unfortunately, after a few weeks some students, particularly those who don’t perform well in school, become careless about regular attendance. Missing a few classes seems inconsequential to them. It is important for a student to have regular school attendance, because it is difficult for young people to learn if they’re not in class. In addition, most of the lessons are presented to students based upon or related to those that preceded it. Therefore, student who misses a day of school also misses a day of education which cannot be retrieved. There are also researches that show that those students who have regular school attendance are more likely to be successful during their school years.

It is the school officials particularly the instructors, to maintain and monitor the student’s attendance, doing this task is not an easy job, because it should be done on a daily basis. But even if the schools do their job in monitoring and maintaining the students’ attendance, another task which is informing the parents or guardians of the student if the student missed or skipped a class. AMA Computer College Cabanatuan branch was established on June 14, 1999. The campus is a private computer school which offers undergraduate degree. The instructors in the said school manually maintain and monitor the students’ attendance and the record is saved to a traditional class record, since it is done manually the process is prone to errors. And because the record should be kept for a long period of time the space needed to keep the records also becomes a problem. There are also times that the instructors forgot to check the attendance. At the end of the week the instructors have to manually provide a summarized copy of the attendance, then pass it to the admission officer of the school, he/she is the person responsible for notifying the guardians of the students about the students absences. The admission officer manually sends message to the guardians of the students via SMS. The researcher of this study and faculty of AMACC has come up to an idea of developing a computerized system known as Automated Campus Attendance Monitoring Bar Coded ID and Notification System via SMS, a hardware and software package that will minimized the work required in checking the students’ attendance and notifying the guardians about their students’ absences. The proposed system will not only reduce the work required in monitoring the students’ attendance but it will also automate the process of informing the guardians of the students. In addition, if the new technology is implemented it can be used by the school to be technologically competitive to other schools.

Statement of the problem
This study seeks to develop a systematic Automated Campus Attendance Monitoring Bar Coded ID and Notification System via SMS which is designed specifically for AMA Computer College Cabanatuan branch.

The following questions are specifically dealt with in the study:

1. How may the Automated Campus Attendance Monitoring Bar Coded ID and Notification System via SMS be developed in terms of:
a. Programming...
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