Attendance Is a Must Nstp Cw2 C35 Article

Topics: Want, Need, Quezon City Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Attendance is a must
NSTP CW1 requires the students to spend twenty-four (24) Hours of Service spread through 8 Saturdays in our community which is the Phase 7, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. Basically the students need to spend three hours every week, though it will be better if they exceed. Every Saturday, the students agreed to meet at the Harrison Plaza, with 6:30am as their call time and 7:00am as their departure time. As the students arrive at their meeting place, they need sign two attendance sheets; one for their own record and one for Ms. Sol. When they arrive in the community, they also need to sign another attendance sheet for COSCA. Even though the time is clear, the students were not able to avoid being late with their schedules. Sometimes the students arrive on time but the jeepneys were still incomplete so they were not able to deploy earlier and vice versa. With this situation, some students may blame the heavy traffic or ‘Filipino time’, some may say ‘better late than absent’ but being late once is not really that bad but it will be if it became habitual so as much as possible, it will be better if tardiness is avoided. We could follow the example of one of the jeepney drivers. During the first Saturday, the class were not able to leave earlier because he is late; but after that, he was the first one to arrive. He encourage himself to not be late again. This simple act can be part of the lasallian heroism that could lead us in being a Lasallian achiever for God and Country. During the course of the community exposures, the class were able to achieve a perfect attendance for four consecutive weeks. Because of this, the class receive an incentive from Ms. Dang. With this achievement, we may say that these students are really enthusiastic when it comes to implementing their plan for the community. Although some were late, we can still say that no one wants to miss the activities for the day; they all want to take part in it. Even though the class...
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