Attaining Professionalism in Teaching

Topics: Teacher, Profession, Education Pages: 6 (2385 words) Published: February 21, 2011
The Essay
Teaching is a profession which may not be appealing to most students nowadays. Nonetheless, it is one of the most important jobs for one to have. To educate the young minds is not an easy job as it requires skills and knowledge. One may have the natural ability to learn to be a skilful teacher but some requires courses or seminars. To attain professionalism in the teaching profession nowadays may be quite hard, because there are some flaws in our today’s system. Different points of views and different ways to overcome with are discussed through forums and also articles. Professionalism in the teaching profession is important as any other job in this world. A teacher needs to be professional while doing their job and should not be influence by their feelings towards the environment or the students. Why should we be professional in teaching? There are a lot of reasons to these questions. For a teacher, we are not only dealing with the students but we are dealing with the parents, the community and the school board members. Having favours in classes may not be the best way for a teacher to act. Some teachers are easily influenced by their feelings and in some cases; they may want to take revenge on their students by lowering their marks and grades. This is the act of unprofessionalism. This shouldn’t be happening in our community. Teachers should be fair to their students. Therefore they need to learn to be professional. Besides that, professional is not only based on their personalities towards their work, but also their knowledge on their profession. Having an extra knowledge rather than basic knowledge on their subjects may contribute to be professional in their work. Rather than knowing the basic things in their book, they should have extra out-of-the-box knowledge for their students as it shows their commitment and their interest in that subject. Other than that, professionalism can be defined as the high standard that you expect from a person who is well trained, having great skills and abilities in a particular job. And professionalism in teaching refers to that peculiar nature of a specific occupation which entails, for 3 commencement as well as continuation, maintenance, individually and collectively, of certain standards in relation to knowledge, skills and behaviour, which standards are such that they ensure the user of the services the profession provides a high, expected and usually objectively measurable level of competence and commitment, and which standards afford the profession a legitimated status, established right to privileged communication and relatively great autonomy, on the basis of the general confidence in the individual and collective maintenance of standards in the profession, from societal supervision or control. These words are from Asif Iftikhar who is a teacher training institute in Lahore. If the definition of ‘professionalism is accepted, there is no doubt that it is in acute shortage in the profession of teaching’. From this article number one, we could see that the problem of attaining professionalism in the teaching profession is not only in our country but it is also in other country like Pakistan. By sharing their points of views on this matter, we could compare and contrast on the differences of how they tackle this subject and what is their opinion on why this matter occurs. According to her, there are a number of factors that contribute to the lack of professionalism including the absence of any effective system of accreditation, licensing and certification; absence of appropriate standards for the above mentioned system; lack of appropriate pedagogy, curricula, didactic resource base and personnel for teacher training and development; lack of incentives for competent and dedicated people to join the profession; inadequacy of work environment, that is of schools and colleges in order to provide a congenial atmosphere and appropriate set-up for the growth and...
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