Attack on Culture

Topics: White people, English-language films, Nez Perce Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Written Reflection: The Reconstruction Era: 500 Nations, Attack on Culture
The attack on culture is taught so much differently when you are learning about such things in regular, high school history classes. We are given an idea of how the Natives were thrown from their land and homes, but not a lot of in depth information to it. Many Natives welcomes the White people onto their land and into their homes, willingly, offering help and a kind hand. This is something that is not completely understood by anyone currently living today, and is not thought about often. We have lived with the idea that we are the true Americans and this is our rightful home. What we need to look deeper into is that this is slightly untrue, and we tore this land from it’s true, giving and loving Natives. So what is the truth, who is in the wrong and what should have been done?

When the white people came to this land, there were many people already living here and thriving off the land. Unable to take care of themselves they turned to the Natives for help. The natives were more than willing to give a helpful hand to the new settlers, known as the white people, with nothing in return but friendship. Although we brought with us many diseases that killed many of the Natives that were here, they continued to help. When the white settlers traveled West, the Natives along the way took them in, fed them, harbored them, and helped them along their journey to another land. Suddenly, without notice or reasons the US Army and United States forced the Natives to other lands, killing their families, taking away their freedom and imprisoning them to use as slaves and death. Why would they do such a thing to people who were so willing to offer help and guidence in a time of need?

Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce people in Wallawo Valley, Oregon, is such a great example in showing exactly how these people were wronged. Although he knew of the awful behaviors the white men were engaging in to go...
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