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Sample reference/recommendation letter for student from teacher/professor for scholarship/admission Description: Letter of Recommendation

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation letter to [Applicant]. [Applicant] was my student in[institution]. I have been teaching in [institution] for the last five years, [Applicant] is among the very talented students of [Institution] has produced in this period. He was a very good student extremely quick in grasping the concepts and ideas. He is keen to learn new things. He is a hard-working person, works well with people, is courteous, and dependable.

His final year project was “ --------------------------------------” under my supervision. After graduating from ---------------------------, he joined -----------------------------, a branch office -----------------------------------------------. . The company has successfully --------------------------------------------- He was involved in design and implementation of ------------------------------------------------------. He possesses not only a critical mind but he also represents the ideal combination sought after in a thorough professional. He is punctual, prompt and complete in his work. His attitude towards colleagues is cooperative and congenial. His conduct is upright and decent. His communication skills, both in speaking and writing, are excellent.

The company---------------------- employs some of the most talented students in UK and have a highly challenging and competitive work environment. I consider --------------------- to be an indispensable member of the our outstanding team . He is both professionally and academically sound in his chosen field of specialization. I am pleased to strongly recommend --------------------------for admission to your graduate program. I am positively confident that he will show excellent performance in his higher studies and in advanced, graduate level research. Please feel free to contact me at my email...

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