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Topics: Internet, Computer network, Wireless Pages: 30 (8187 words) Published: May 8, 2013
First work related learning report submitted by

Mudavanhu Simon( M101799),

who Is currently attached at Powertel,, to the faculty of commerce,department of economics

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree In Economics. [pic]



1.1Company background: PowerTel Communications (Pvt) Ltd.
PowerTel Communications Private Limited was created in 1999 as a result of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority unbundling program. PowerTel Communications (Pvt) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zesa Holdings is a leading data communications service provider in Zimbabwe. PowerTel Communications is a licensed internet access provider with over 3000 kilometres of optical fibre cable in operation country wide. PowerTel communications has made great strides in bringing high speed, convenience and reliability in the use of information and communication technologies through its optic fibre and wireless network.

It was incorporated as a private company under the Companies Act Chapter (24:03) and it operated, as a division within the Transmission business of ZESA until 2001 when commercial operations started. In accordance with the postal regulations in this country PowerTel is fully licensed by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) to provide it services in the country and globally. ZESA Holdings, having an extensive cable network in Zimbabwe, was in a better position to lay fibre optic cables hence the inception of PowerTel communication with the latter being the telecommunications arm of the parent. PowerTel offers Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) services over its Virtual private Network (VPN) making use of last mile access links on optic fibre and broadband wireless [pic] Powertel Headquarter in Harare.

1.2.1PowerTel’s vision, mission statement, core values and strategic objectives. Powertel Motto
Your information super highway
PowerTel`s Vision

To be the preferred ICT services provider in Zimbabwe and globally. PowerTel`s Mission
PowerTel is committed to providing world class ICT connectivity services and products that delight our customers whilst creating value for our stakeholders. From the above vision, Powertel is just a centimetre away from fulfilling its dream, looking at the rate at which Powertel is growing it will soon turn Zimbabwe into a global village. In 2004, Powertel started with only six base stations and up to date, Powertel owns over fifty base stations. This incites that in a few years to come, Zimbabwe will be wholely network fabricated. PowerTel’s Core Values

❖ Innovation.
❖ Teamwork.
❖ Integrity.
❖ Commitment.
❖ Passion for excellence.
❖ Purity.
PowerTel Strategic Objectives
PowerTel’s vision is to be the preferred ICT services provider in Zimbabwe and globally. This vision can only be realized through implementation of PowerTel’s numerous objectives, which consist of: ❖ Building infrastructure which is capable of providing all aspects of communication services including; a) Digital and audio transmission

b) Circuit lease
c) Voice relay and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
d) Internet private line access and broadband private user access e) Virtual Private Network (VPN) access
f) Video conferencing

• To build a stronger reputation on product lines and services in terms of quality, reliability and responsiveness. This objective is the heart beat of all ICT companies and Powertel seems to be struggling to get the better of it. Information from the Marketing department suggests that out of fifteen thousand modems sold from January up to date, two thousand and twenty three were retained as defected modems, so the issue of quality is marginalised. On reliability, it...
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