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Topics: Education, Osama bin Laden, Mass media Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: September 12, 2012
AS THE PRINCIPAL SPEAKER IN AN INTER-SCHOOL DEBATE ON THE MOTION “THE MEDIA HAS DONE MORE HARM THAN GOOD”. WRITE YOUR SPEECH FOR OR AGAINST THE MOTION. Madam Chairman, Panel of Judges, accurate time keeper, Headmaster, teaching and non-teaching staff, Distinguished invited guests, Co-debaters, fellow students, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is an honor to open this long awaited debate, standing against the motion before the house “The media has done more harm than good”. Madam Chairman, allow me to fill in some gap of knowledge to the lovely audience in respect to what media means. According to the Harvard Dictionary, media refers to the various organizations such as radio and television stations and graphic communication that provides news and information to the general public. Madam Chairman, there are many grounds for my stand and the ones that come to the fore are: the media provides valuable information to the public, it provides entertainment to the mass, also it serves as a source of education, to mention just a few. I plead to you all to pay rapt attention to the rationalization of the points advanced. To begin with, Madam Chairman, in this 21st century which is dubbed as the information age, no one can do without any little piece of information. The media’s basic function is to provide information to the society and without having access to the media one would not be able to cope with the current socio- ecomini…sorry, socio-economic system which would make one like Osama Binladin without bombs! The media gives valuable information in the form of texts, visuals and sound. Recently, the government increased the prices of fuel and there was no better way to spread the information than through the media. It is true that every coin has two sides so it might be said by the opposing team that the media causes more harm by polluting the masses with false information. Panel of judges, according to the 1992 constitution of Ghana, section 419, under the law of...
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