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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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I chose to discuss secure attachment for the purpose of this assignment. To me, secure attachment directly influences all other topics that were discussed in this chapter, and thus is the most critical topic we covered. For example, emotional regulation occurs when there is secure attachment and the infant is under minimal stress; so, promoting secure attachment also promotes emotional regulation. In addition, many of the children that I work with have younger siblings that are beneath the age of 36 months; therefore, many of the strategies utilized to promote secure attachment in children are applicable for me to share with the parents I work with.

Although I had prior knowledge concerning secure attachment and the importance of it in relationship to the development of a child, I felt that it was important to research strategies for my to share with the parents I work with. Through my supplementary research, it is apparent that developmental psychologists tend to categorize strategies to promote secure attachment in intervals of 12 months (i.e, from birth to 12 months, from 12 months to 24 months, and from 24 months to 36 months).

For strategies to promote secure attachment for children from birth to 12, typical suggestions include to be affections to the child and to establish a safe learning environment for the child. The latter suggestion often has fallacies for parents: developmental psychologists suggest that parents should scaffold for their children while allowing them to explore and master new skills. In addition, parents should use this stage of development in order to expand on an infant's skills. An example given by Zero to Three (2010) is having a child building a tower of two blocks, then placing a third block on top of that tower in order to encourage the child to place a fourth block.

Strategies that promote secure attachment for children from birth to 12 are applicable even to 24 month old children, particularly ideas...
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