Atomic Orbital and Calculate Oxidation Number

Topics: Atomic orbital, Buffer solution, Atom Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Q19-Q27 (3 MARKS EACH)
Q28-Q30 (5 MARKS EACH)
…………………………………………………………….. Q1. State law of constant composition.
Q2. Howe 0.5m of NaOH different from 0.5M ofNaOH?
Q3. State Heisenberg uncertainity principal.
Q4. Write general electronic configuration of d-block elements. Q5. Define Resonance.
Q6. What is compressibility factor?
Q7. Define Buffer solution? What is common ion effect?
Q8. What is Demineralised water?
Q9. Calculate the concentration of nitric acid in moles per litre in a sample which has a density of 1.41g/ml and mass% of nitric acid is 69%. Q10. Calculate energy of one mole of photons of radiation whose frequency is 5x10raise to power 10 Hz.(page 39. Q.1) Q11. Write down the electronic configuration of copper and chromium. Q12. Calculate the wavelength of 100 gm of particle moving with a velocity of 100m/s. Q13. Complete the following:-

a) Na₂O+H₂0--
b) Cl₂07+H₂0-------
Q14:- Write resonance structure of NO₂ and SO3?
Q15.:-What is electro negativity.How it is different from election gain enthalpy? Q16.on a ship sailing in pacific ocean where temp. is 23.4˚C a ballon is filled with 2L air what will be the volume of balloon when ship reaches Indian ocean where temp. is 26.1˚C?(page no.139) Q17.For the reaction

1.2Cl(g)----------Cl₂(g)What are the signs of ϪH and ϪS. 2.Define Enthalpy?
Q18. Calculate pH of 0.2MH₂SO4 solution?
Q19.:- 1.An atomic orbital has n=3 What are the possible values of 1 and m? 2.List the quantum numbers(m and 1) of electrons for 3d orbital 3.Which of the following orbital’s are possible 1p,2s,2p and 3f Q20. 1.Write IUPAC name of element with atomic number 120.

2.Which of the following species will have layout and smallest size Mg,Mg²+,Al,Al3+ 3.Why cautions are smaller than anions in radii than their parent atoms? Q21.Discuss the shapes of following molecules on the basis of VSEPR model. 1.SiCl4 2. PH3 3.H₂0

Q22. 1.Why do real gases deviate from ideal...
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