Atomic Bomb

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Please use the website at the bottom to research the Seattle Times article.  This will help you answer the questions below.  You can type your answers in the textbox for the virtual tour or save your answers in a word document and upload it into the assignment. Type the answer in any word processing application like MS Word, Notepad or Wordpad then copy it. Put the cursor in the textbox.

Press ctrl and V button together on the keyboard . Hit save then post in the page. Good luck. This assignment is extra credit. If you get 13 or more correct, you will receive 1 point added to your final grade. 1. What was the fuel used in the first nuclear bomb test?

2. What was the nickname of the airplane that dropped the first atomic bomb?  . Fat Man  .
3. Which president authorized creation of the atomic bomb?
  Harry Truman 
4. What was the code name of the project to develop the atomic bomb?  Trinity  
5. What process generates the heat and energy in present day nuclear power plants? nuclear fusion   
6. When was the last U.S. nuclear bomb test?
7. How many nuclear power plants are in operation in the U.S.?    109   
8. How much natural radiation is the average person exposed to in a year?  360 millirems
9. How much finished plutonium has been produced in the U.S.?  2,000 lbs
10. How long does the EPA say it will take for nuclear power plant waste to decay to harmless levels of radiation? 1,000 years  
11. Who is known as the father of the hydrogen bomb?
Robert Oppenheimer 
12. Where did the first atomic bomb test take place?
 New Mexico  
13. What famous movie monster was supposedly awakened by the testing of a nuclear bomb? GOJIRA/GODZILLA
14. What year did the first movie starring this monster appear? 1954
15. How tall was the monster, in meters, in that first movie? Height: 50–100 meters (164–328 feet). Weight: 20000–60000 tons
You may need to search the Seattle Times...
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