Atmospheric Issues - 2

Topics: Coal, Oxygen, Acid rain Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Atmospheric Issues

For several years, we have been aware of the harms we produce to the environment, and yet we keep on creating them. Some people are more familiar than others about these harms. However, it seems as if there is no concern since change is happening slowly. Around the globe similar harms exist. Some are even more advanced in some places. We can clearly see the consequences of these harms. They are drastically disturbing our environment. The sufferers from these events are plant and human life, including other living species, and non-living objects. To better describe these harms, we refer to them as issues. They are issues we face daily one way or another. Let us for instance examine the atmospheric issues of acid deposition. This is a major issue with our environment, it is also known as acid rain, and first appeared after the industrial revolution. We can consider this to be an outdoor issue, since the process is completed outside, and the effects seem to take place outside as well. Nevertheless, we must not forget that not only do we face atmospheric issues, but indoor issues, too. Indoor air pollutants are serious hazards people deal with daily. One indoor air pollutant issue is the radioactive gas, radon. In 1991, the average U.S. home had a radon level of 1.3 picocuries per liter; this is three times higher than the level outside the house (Radon, 2012). Similar to other issues, these two are caused by either natural or human forces, and have awful effects on humans. Thinking optimistically, there are ways we can soften the effects from these issues, and possibly even eliminate them from existence. Taking care of one’s health should be the first priority. To accomplish this, we should consider learning about the issues we face whether within our atmosphere or inside our homes. The best approach to a problem is a prepared approach.

When the phrase acid deposition or acid rain comes to mind, we might think of skin burning acid...
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