Atmosphere and Volatile Liquids

Topics: Atmosphere, Atmospheric pressure, Earth Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: December 12, 2012
1.Name the technique to separate[1]
(a)Salt from Sea – water
(b)Butter from curd
2.Define velocity.[1]
3.What do you mean by free fall?[1]
4.Mention any 2 advantages of using Italian bee variety in honey production.OR (a)Identify soluble and solvent in the following solutions:[3] (i)Aerated drinks
(ii)Tincture of iodine
(iii)Lemon water
(b)State the principle of each if the following methods of separation of mixtures. [2] (i)Centrifugation method
(ii)Separation using separating funnel.
24.(a)Differentiate between Mass and Weight [Four points].[2]
(b)Show that weight of an object on moon is equal to of the weight if the object on the earth. Given Mass of Earth , Mass of moon , radius of earth , radius of moon = [3]

(a) Will a sheet of paper fall slower than one that is crumpled into a ball in vacuum? Explain. [1]

(b)Show mathematically that acceleration experienced by an object is independent of its mass. [2] (c) Show that value of g = 9.8 m/s2 [2]

25.Describe an activity to demonstrate endosmosis and exomosis. Draw a diagram also.[5] OR
(a)Give the chemical composition and functions of plasma membrane and cell wall.[3+2] Differentiate between the two
(b)What is meant by membrane biogenesis?
Which cell organelle is concerned with membrane biogenesis?
26.A student was asked to mix the while of an egg with water and stir well. The student observed that [1]
(a)Transparent solution is formed
(b)A translucent mixture is formed
(c)Egg while settles down at the bottom
(d)Egg white floats on the surface of the water
27.A student by mistake mixed iron filings and sulhpur powder. He wanted to separate them each other. The method you, would advice him to use is to...
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