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I have lived in Gothenburg for 3 and a half years now and the first thing I saw when I moved here was the Liseberg tower, or Atmosfear, as it is called now. Since then I always wondered how high it actually is. First I tried to look it up on the internet, but my connection failed. Then I tried to ask around people on the street, but since I don’t understand the Gothenburg dialect that didn’t turn out very well either. I have been trying to come up with a new idea for a while but the best thing I come up with so far is to climb it with a tape measure.

Can you please help me find a different way to find out before I go risk my life climbing it?

1. Come up with a method of how to make a fair estimation of how high the Liseberg tower is (research). 2. Present this idea as thorough, clear and logical as possible. 3. Test your idea on another object more accessible to you than the actual tower. 4. Present the test results as thorough, clear and logical as possible. 5. Review your method critically (reflect) and present your analysis.

Further notes:
I have no interest in knowing the actual height of the tower and you will not be assessed on how close your estimation is, so there is no meaning fore you to just google it. I am interested in your method, how well you present it, execute it and analyze it.

The project will be assessed on criteria B, C and D.

The presentation is due Monday 10th of December.


|Criteria |Descriptors year 8 | |Criteria B |0 | | |You do not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given | |Investigating Patterns (8)...
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