Atlas Shrugged #2

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Yessenia Rios
Micro Economics
Essay question #2
Most of the time, a peoples’ jobs help mold who they are in terms of character. Scientists are stereotypically known as being smart but unsociable and business people are often depicted as arrogant and selfish. However, in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, characters aren’t entirely defined by their professions. On the contrary, many characters who are involved in the same field differ tremendously. To start off, Dagny and James Taggart were siblings who ran the Taggart Transcontinental Railroad. Dagny was a self-dependent, honest woman as well as a phenomenal strategist who wasn’t afraid to take risks. Whatever predicament that threatened the foundation of the company, she remained composed and tactically resolved it without care for the public opinion. James Taggart on the other hand, was heavily dependent on his sister, though he didn’t like to admit it, as well as arrogant and impatient. Despite have the same profession, they were blatantly different. Their jobs characterized them according to how they interpreted and treated them. James Taggart cared only for the money and reputation that came with being President of the company; he enjoyed the perks. When Dagny used an old fashioned locomotive for the railine they were managing in Mexico, James took the opportunity to repot her to the board, hoping to have her removed from her position. When it tuned out that the decision had been financially wise, he announced that he had been the one to take the precaution (Rand 72). Dagny took a more sophisticated stance because she had no use for peoples’ judgments. She performed at her optimum in her work field for the love and respect she had for her industry. So, when James took credit for her actions, she shrugged it off because it didn’t matter to her as long as everything worked out for the company. Furthermore, there were other characters that also weren’t defined by their job such as, Dr. Akston and Mr. Stradner....
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