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Atlantis 3

By | December 2005
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Atlantis Paper
Isn't it amazing that a story that was written and told over 2,500 years ago by Plato, a Greek philosopher continues to capture the public imagination today. Atlantis was a story of a lost civilization that sunk to the bottom of the ocean in a single day/night. It is described as a large continent with a very different civilization. I think that Atlantis is located in Bolivia which is located in South America because many of Plato's clues associate with the region. Plato's clues are divided into different categories. Those categories are: location, landscape, disasters, animals/ currency.

The first major clue deals with location. In Plato's writing he said that Atlantis is located outside the pillars of Heracles. The pillars of Heracles are what would be today Northern part of Africa, or it is also known as the strait of Gibraltar. Bolivia is opposite of the pillars of Heracles. This clue is very beneficial for Bolivia because it outlaws other countries such as the South China Sea and Antarctica which are two major positions. It outlaws them because Plato never wrote that it is beyond the pillars of Heracles. All in all being outside of the pillars of Heracles is a great clue to why it is located in Bolivia.

Continuing on with the location theme for clues, Bolivia is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Plato had written that Atlantis is located in the Atlantic Ocean, hence comes the name of Atlantis. This is a very obvious and helpful clue to why it is located in Bolivia because if it is near the Atlantic, there is a very high possibility that it is located in that area. Concluding on the location clues, from what Plato has given us I believe that the location clues are favorable to why it is located in Bolivia. It has both being opposite of the pillars of Heracles as well as bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Plato has given more than just location clues to where the lost island could be located. The landscape and shape of Bolivia/ South America is...

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