Athletes with Diabities

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Athletes with Diabetes

Athletes with Diabetes have to cope with it in different ways then someone that is not an athlete with Diabetes. Athletes have to have certain amount of sugars and different foods to maintain a healthy body. I’m going to tell you how athletes deal with diabetes, and how athletes manage their sugar level. I’m also going to tell you some risks of athletes with Diabetes.

Athletes that have Diabetes have to deal with it in certain ways. With proper management, the diabetic can successfully compete and excel in almost any sport and, in fact, physical activity is a good way of keeping weight under control and maintaining overall health levels. Some of the sporting world’s most celebrated athletes have been diabetics. Arthur Ashe, Ty Cobb, and Joe Frazier are just three famous sports people. However, athletes with diabetes must make their coaches and other relevant personnel aware of their health status.

Athletes have to manage what they eat and the amount of sugar they intake when they have Diabetes. When you do any form of endurance exercise, your body uses glucose for energy. If you don’t have enough glucose stored up, you could become hypoglycemic. Start the day with a meal balanced in carbs, protein, and fat. If you’re running low before a workout, try a balanced snack, such as an energy bar or a banana and peanut butter.

Athletes with Diabetes have risks that can affect them and their health. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity, insulin independent glucose uptake, and glucose usage by muscle. The resulting effects are a greater risk of hypoglycemia in the active person with type 1 diabetes. Regular or planned exercise allows the person with diabetes to learn their own

responses to exercise and trial different strategies. Unplanned or intermittent exercise, such as children's activity patterns, increases the risk of Hypoglycemia especially if insulin has already been administered.

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