Athletes Should Not Get Paid Alot

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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It is the Other Way Around
Many athletes get paid millions of dollars just to run around the field or court while doctors get paid thousands of dollars. It’s the other way around. The doctors, lawyers and other job you need a good education in should get paid millions of dollars. It would be nice if athletes would get paid less than those people.

The Sports Industry, specifically in the United States, is composed of multiple sports with multiple franchises that cumulatively bring in billions of dollars per year. With all of the money earned from ticket sales, merchandising, and endorsement, it is easy for the lowest paid players in leagues to still make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since there are so many petitions for professional sports, there is a huge sum of money invested into each franchise. Some athletes are paid amounts that seem exorbitant. “Matthew Stafford, the No. 1 Pick in the 2009 Draft, was selected by the Detroit Lions and given a six-year, $41.7 million deal with a total value of $78 million.” (Clayton)

While the athletes are out playing sports, the doctors are in the lab saving someone life. Even though it is not entertaining to watch someone in the emergency room, but it is entertaining to watch sports television. Athletes sign contracts and they a guaranteed to get that money. When the athletes get injured they are still getting paid. For instance if the doctor is sick they don’t get paid for the day they was sick.

Another reason why athletes get paid more is because the players are at a high demand and they are hard to find. Doctors are a high demand too; many people do not spend money to go see them. “A professional football player makes $18 million on their check. With 5-9 years of experience, the average orthopedic surgeon salary in $144,421.” (Lee) The athletes get paid from the fans. The fans spend lots of money to go see the games. Those numbers are a big difference. That is why the salary supposed to be the other way...
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