Athletes Should Not Be Paid as Much

Topics: Rotator cuff, High school, Professional sports Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Have you ever wondered why the economy is terrible? Have you ever noticed that some people are living the high life and others are struggling to feed their families? Rich people are destroying our economy because of their seven to eight figure salaries. One of these groups is athletes. Professional athletes get paid far too much money and they shouldn’t be paid as much.

Here is a good question: why are luxuries paid more than necessities? “It is a sad commentary on our societal values that these entertainers are taking in seven figure while teachers, police officers, and firefighters make less than one percent of the income of some athletes (Hjlem 12).” The money athletes are getting paid should be given to all the people who help us in our everyday lives. Why should athletes be rich while some teachers are struggling to feed themselves and their families?

Another reason is the fact that athletes develop massive egos. As said in the article “Do professional athletes get paid too much” Hjelm says that “During the NBA lockout of 1998-99 players were crying poverty (Hjelm 11).” Hjelm also said “Kenny Anderson, then a guard for the Boston Celtics, complained of not being able to afford insurance on his eight cars (Hjelm 12).” This proves that athletes become whiny little brats when they get these huge paychecks. It has to stop.

One argument to this claim that athletes get paid too much is the fact that athletes have very brief careers. As said in “Pro Athletes Salaries Aren’t Overly Exorbitant” the author states that “All of these athletes are a busted knee, concussion or torn rotator cuff away from the end of their career, and very few sports offer guaranteed contracts that go beyond the season when injury occurs (Singletary 9).” Besides even if athletes don’t get injured due to the stress of being active a lot their body starts to fail. So, in a way, star athletes deserve what they get because they might not be there to receive it for very long.

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