Athletes - Short Essay

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Writing:topic 1
Athletes behavior

No one can deny that most people admire athletes for their achievements at sports or their skills. Many famous athletes are considered as bad-tempered while they were not at the beginning of their career. It seems clear to me that the most basic reason for this change in their character is money and sudden fame. A young person usually starts a sport as a hobby or because he wants to escape from the daily routine and his problems. When he or his parents discover that he has a special talent at a sport they urge him to practice more and more or participate in matches. . The media and public pressure athletes to constantly perform well. The pressure is too much for a young person, who many times in cases like this, does not understand what is happening. Although it is widely accepted that sports help develop good character sometimes money and sudden fame corrupts people so much that they cannot see anything else. Here begins the fall. Money and fame is well but there are consequences that almost no one counts. A person's behavior can worsen in relation to the amount of pressure applied to win at all costs and the pressure is most of the times huge. I think that the person's tranquility has to be considered because all the money in the world cannot obtain it. On the other hand it is my belief that people should have the willpower and could defend their rights but letting others to exploit them in order to gain money. So it is their fault too as long as they accept this situation. In conclusion, the bad behavior of athletes it is very common at present. It is known that the temptation of money is big. But I strongly believe that there more important things in life.
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