Athletes Role in Product Promotion

Topics: Endorsement, Effect, Marketing Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Marketing Athletes
The Effect of Athlete Endorsements on the Product They Represent Research Concept

I intend to study the positive and negative effects that athlete endorsements have on the product and the brand itself. In being the huge sports fan that I am, I have seen many athlete endorsements become extremely successful. A great example would be David Beckham’s endorsement with Adidas. However, I have also seen some athlete endorsements go terribly wrong, like Terry Keane’s endorsement with 7-Up. These two compelling examples inspire me to learn and understand the effects that star athletes can have on a brand itself and the specific products that they endorse. To learn everything about these effects, I will conduct my research by examining journal articles, both academic and non-academic. Through this research I plan on studying the changes in revenue before and after the endorsement started as well as the change in public opinion. As well, for primary research, I will survey a test group to gain their opinions on the topic and if they believe athletes have ever effected their decision in buying a product. In doing so, I reveal the significance of researching the effect that athlete endorsements have on the world of marketing. This is because it will demonstrate both the positive and negative effects. I feel that there is a lot of interesting information in this area of marketing that I could learn much more about.

Journal Summaries
Article Summary
The State of Celebrity Endorsement in Sport

The article “The State of Celebrity Endorsement in Sport” by Amy Dyson and Douglas Turco focuses on the positives and negatives in athlete endorsements. Some attributes that athletes bring to the table when it comes to endorsing a product is that they are recognizable, normally well liked, and most of the time they have large followings. Unfortunately endorsing athletes can also be very risky. Financial issues, exclusive product...
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