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Topics: Professional sports, Wage, Life expectancy Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: July 14, 2012
* We all know doctors save lives, Soldiers protect lives. So why do athletes earn more than both of these combined. * The average NBA player earns 5.5 million dollars per year * The average MLB salary is 2.8 million Dollars

* The average NFL salary is 1.8 million dollars
* All of these salaries are not including endorsements
* Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather just made 32 million for one fight against Miguel Cotto

* Athletes in today’s society are earning substantial amount of money, in some cases extremely ridiculous amounts. * Tiger Woods made $110 million during the past 12 months and is the best paid sportsman for the eighth straight year. Endorsements mean athletes are making even more money than just their salary. * Miami Heat NBA Star Lebron James is making an estimated $33 million annually through partnerships with Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, State Farm and Upper Deck. His empire expanded in April when he became a minority owner in soccer club Liverpool after a marketing agreement with Liverpool’s owner, Fenway Sports Group. This will mean he will make even more money, benefiting from the success of club. * No matter how you look at it, the guy getting paid multi million dollars to throw a ball around is making more per game than the average American household makes in an entire decade. * Chris Mueller of ESPN says , “It doesn't really seem right that the thing my three-year-old nephew does for fun makes someone millions of dollars every year. Then again, life is not always fair”. * Many years ago, Athletes were not always paid more than CEOs. In the early stages of the American Football system, most players had to have a normal day job on top of playing, because there was no money to be made in pro football. English soccer, Lower leagues. Have to have a job. Doesn’t pay enough to live off. Some professional basketball leagues in Europe also don’t provide enough money to live off, athletes require a regular day job...
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