Athletes in Society

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Athletes in Society

SOC 105

June 25, 2012
Latasha Morrison

Athletes in Society

As Ron Artest lay on the scorer’s table, a drink was thrown on him by a fan. That moment marked a turning point in his career where he went from a tough defensive player to a hoodlum in the eye of public opinion. Athletes have a large impact on our culture on a daily basis. From Monday morning quarterbacking at work about what your favorite team should have done to win the game to the influence they have on the sports you decide to play as you grow up. Our children look up to some athletes more than they look up to their own parents. Athletes represent a strong, powerful image that kids tend to model themselves after as they develop as young athletes. Some athletes like Michael Jordan have led many young boys and girls to play basketball. Ron Artest, in his ill-advised act, also laid the foundation for young athletes to learn valuable lessons about sportsmanship and what not to do when faced with adversity. Whether you like an athlete because of the positive example he sets, his overall performance, or because a majority of the world doesn’t like him and you like the underdog, athletes are significant figures in every society.

Culture and Role Models
Culture has an amazing affect and influence on sports played in that specific area. America has a mixture of cultures throughout the states that affect how each one is played. Scholarships are offered to those who show exceptional athleticism. In Ireland they play a sport similar to soccer but it is not called soccer it is called Gaelic football. Gaelic football incorporates elements of soccer, rugby, and Australian football. (Greenburg, 2011) An athlete chips the ball up with their foot then they can carry the ball by hand for no more than 4 steps and then they have to do something with it and that can be as simple as throw it down to your foot and chip it back to the hands. You can also...
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