Athletes and Steroid Use

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  • Published : June 13, 2012
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Impact of Steroid Use
Sports require much talent and skill to be played at the professional level. All athletes must work hard and practice often to get more proficient in their field of play. There are also some people who try to get by without putting in all the effort through the use of performance-enhancing drugs, which refers to steroids. The use of steroids is banned from professional sports, so why did several athletes use them? Most professional athletes abusing steroids utilized them to improve their performance levels due to age, injury, or just self-confidence. Steroids provide an unhealthy and dishonest boost for professional athletes, corrupting the entire sports organizations and minds of young athletes.

Steroids enhance athletes’ physical performance in sports by improving their strength and awareness. Statistics regarding professional athletes’ abilities during the past decade have increased due to the use of steroids. Professional athletes turn to these performance-enhancing drugs to achieve better results during games, but there are many side effects harmful to the body. Some common side effects are increased acne and aggressiveness, as well as cardiovascular problems in the long term. As well as being harmful to the body, steroids are also illegal without a prescription. Not only are athletes who abuse this drug cheating themselves, but also breaking the law. Athletes who use steroids have an advantage over athletes who do not, which creates unjust competition. Steroid use occurs in all sports, but it has gained much of its attention in Major League Baseball. Well-known athletes have been caught using steroids, such as Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds is known for breaking the all-time homerun record in the MLB, but his record comes with an asterisk, as he was guilty for using steroids to reach that accomplishment. He passed Hank Aaron for the number one spot on that list; Hank Aaron, however, did not use steroids, which makes it unfair. The use of...
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