Athlete Perception

Topics: Psychology, Quantitative research, Qualitative research Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Athlete’s Perception

Sports is in the United States have evolved from playing for fun to being extremely competitive. Collegiate sports in some cases are bigger than professional sports. Along with people using sports as a form of entertainment, there are some real life lessons learned from playing collegiate sports. The lessons learned vary depending upon the coach and his beliefs. Some coaches have a win-at-all cost philosophy while others believe they are mentors/teachers and are geared towards betterment of the student-athletes. Both coaching styles have reached success at the collegiate level if you’re only focusing on the win-loss column. Player’s perception of their coaches could have an influence on the success of a coach or may not. Student-athletes could have their own forces that drive them to play at a high level. This study will concentrate on the perception student-athletes have of their coaches and whether those perceptions influence individual performance. Focusing on perception for a second, let’s view one of the most successful coaches of all-time, John Wooden. John credentials are off the charts with ten national NCAA championships and coach of the year six times. The only other coach to win at least four national championships is Coach Krzyzewski and Coach Rupp (Feinstein, 2010). This gives you a mental picture of the success that John Wooden had at UCLA. Mr. Wooden is considered a guru of basketball and have taught players valuable lessons while coaching them. Players enjoyed playing for John and also cherished the lessons learned at UCLA. The player’s perception of Coach John Wooden is remarkable. While players believe he was an extraordinary man, outsiders wonder, was he a great coach or did he just have great players? Maybe he had some exceptional players mixed with mediocre players and coached the mediocre players to greatness? One thing is for certain about the players who played for John Wooden was they thought he was one of...
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