Athenos Hummus

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Kraft Athenos Hummus:
Marketing through sports

Executive Summary

Hummus is already a popular choice among endurance athletes. Competition among brands within this portion of the target market is important and therefore, should become a focus of the Athenos brand. Athenos has not yet utilized sports marketing to promote the brand, but with a focus on the hummus products, a sports overlay can be very effective to target key consumers. Athenos currently falls behind Sabra as the market leader in hummus and because neither brand currently markets their products through sports, this is a vital opportunity for Athenos to increase their market share and gain popularity among consumers.

Target Market
Hummus is a healthy snack option and can be included in both a vegetarian and vegan diet. The target consumers are those that have particular beliefs and values when it comes to the food they eat. As advertising agency Droga5 explains about this group of consumers, “they love being the first of their friends to know about a great new restaurant. They also have more exposure to and knowledge of ethnic foods than any generation before them. “(Droga5, 2011). The target consumer is not concerned as much about “light” foods as they are about balanced foods. These consumers place value on knowing where their food comes from and they have the “knowledge to appreciate its quality and authenticity. Above all, it's about appreciation for food, body, and the world around them.”(Droga5, 2012). More specifically the target audience consists of consumers age 18-34” and among the target audience are endurance athletes, both amateur and professional which will be the focus of these traditional sports marketing strategies. (CreativeMag, 2011). Product

Athenos Hummus is a food dip or spread that is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. It is currently sold in 7 oz. and 14 oz. containers and is offered in 7 different flavors. The flavors of hummus include Original, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper, Spicy Three Pepper, Greekstyle, Black Olive, and Artichoke & Garlic. Hummus is “a great source of dietary fiber. Hummus  also packs the good monounsaturated fats like Omega 3 and is rich in vitamins C, E, K, and B6 to name a few, but it doesn't stop there.  Minerals like Maganese, Copper and Sodium are accompanied by Iron, Folate, Thiamin, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.” (Hummus Place, 2012). The Athenos hummus packaging will retain its current look and design. The container is presently a crisp green color featuring the Athenos name in Greek style letters. The package also features a picture of Athenos hummus and vegetables to portray the idea of an “eat-clean” diet. Along with this concept, the promise that Athenos hummus is “made with 100% olive oil,” appears on each lid to set it apart from other hummus brands. The only feature of the packaging that should change is the size of the containers. In order to better compete with the leading brand Sabra, it is recommended that the sizes increase to 10 oz. and 17 oz. containers with price per ounce remaining the same (see below). Price

Athenos currently offers its hummus at $2.99 per 7 oz. container and $4.29 per 14 oz. container compared to the biggest competitor Sabra who sells their 10 oz. container for $5.49 and a 17 oz. container for $6.59. Athenos is the slightly cheaper alternative at $0.43 and $0.31 an ounce while Sabra is priced at $0.55 and $0.39 an ounce. A quantity discount is offered with the larger container as it is designed to give the consumer more for their money with a lower price per ounce. Athenos also offers occasional coupons and discount pricing for members of the customer loyalty programs, “which are initiatives designed to encourage repeat business.” (WVU, 2012). Athenos should maintain the same pricing scheme in order to remain the cheaper alternative to its biggest competitor but still portray itself as...
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