Atheistic Existentialism - Life Domains

Topics: Meaning of life, Philosophy of life, Existentialism Pages: 3 (645 words) Published: June 27, 2011
CWV-101 Christian Worldview Module 4
T Forrest - Instructor

Directions: Complete the “Atheistic Existentialism” column in the table below by filling in the cells from information provided in the textbook.

Atheistic Existentialism / REALITY
The only reality for an AE is the one they create for themselves…everything is matter – everything is connected as some form of matter or energy and in a cause and effect relationship

Atheistic Existentialism / KNOWLEDGE
The only knowledge comes from our own senses.

Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN NATURE
To an AE – humans are allowed free-will, personalities and consciences – but don’t have any reason to do anything with it

Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN PROBLEMS
Their problem is that they can’t deal with the fact that they have human personalities and tendencies – but don’t know why, or what to do with it

Atheistic Existentialism / SOLUTIONS TO HUMAN PROBLEMS
Humans alone have the only solution to their problem and the more they evolve the better they’ll be at fixing them, so live as if your inner desires do have some meaning and try to make an impact on the world.

Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN VALUE
Truly there is no ultimate value of a human life, but Humans can have value because they create their own reality by making their own choices – good or bad.

Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN PURPOSE
Our only purpose – according to an AE is that of making yourself into who or what you wish to be, otherwise there is no purpose.

Atheistic Existentialism / ETHICS
Ethics – Schmethics…As long as you make a conscience choice to do something – good or bad – you are determining what your ethics are. not living by the laws of man, or any other guide.

Atheistic Existentialism / SUFFERING
Nothing good comes of it – there is no purpose for it – so don’t do it.

Atheistic Existentialism / MEANING OF LIFE
There is no real meaning – each individual is able to determine what life means to them by...
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