Atheism: a Conclusion That There Is No God



Everyone must have remembered the mother of all tragic man-made disasters, the 9/11 incident. Thousands of people were killed and more were injured. Global economy was at its lowest. This incident is believed that it was caused by the Al-Qaeda terrorist. Many people have lost their dear ones.

When situations similar to this happens, we question our faith towards God.

Where is God ?
Is there a spiritual power up there ?
What are the deities doing?

Therefore, we reject the existence of deities. This is called atheism. There are much many people who are atheist than more we could think of. Although it is not taken seriously by the global, spiritually it will lead to a big mishap. People can influence others and come to a conclusion that there is no God. Infact, the world is moving such indirectly; sooner or later we will realise this problem. Soul doesn't have a beginning nor an end; there will be another life after death. And there is God, isn't it ???

Where is God when bad situations happen to people who are good ? Many people have been asking this question for centuries of years. Therefore, they lead themselves to atheism. But, what if the mistake lies in the question ? Instead of where, we should ask why God lets these kind of things happen in the world. Then perhaps, we could get the answer we are looking for.

Atheist should remember that life is an exam. We are tested again and again in forms of problems. The way we overcome those problems are the meanings of life. Success doesn't lies in the destination; it lies in the journey and experience. Therefore, we should take these situations as a obstacle for us. Life always comes with problems; there isn't a life without problems. Therefore, we should keep in mind that God is testing us. But, sometimes we ask ourselves, "Why does God tests me?"

Picture this. You are sitting for your final exams. On your table, there is a paper filled...
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