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  • Published: October 7, 2013
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Since the world becomes modernized, science and technology have also become a new major part of human’s lives and have created new theories and essential evidence that make a large number of the world’s population turning their backs from religions, and become atheists. Atheism is the forsaking of belief in terms of the existence of god, or believing in no god (“Atheism,” 2013). The word originated from the Greek word ‘Atheos’, which means without god or gods. To atheists, all children are born to be an atheist due to their lack of knowledge of god or any spiritual deities. However, contrasting to what atheists believe, many religions, such as Christianity, believe that when children are born, they are made or given by the god. Some pray to the god to ask for children or talk about deity pending their pregnancies, which makes them believe that children are born Christians (“Christianity vs Religion vs Atheism |,” 2013). There are two main arguments that support atheism and its ways of thinking, which are atheists base their judgment on facts rather than using supernatural beliefs, and the uses adaptive morality to answer questions about life and the surroundings.

Atheism means not believing in god. The word “Atheism” was originated in the 16th century based on Ancient Greek. During the 1650s, an unsigned handwriting appeared in France called Theophrastus Redivivus, the oldest atheistic document, and this first document was not popular in the larger public (“History of atheism,” 2013). In the 20th century, there were contemporary atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Richard Dawkins. Dr.Richard Dawkins was very popular both among atheists and others (“Richard Dawkins,” 2013). In 2006, he wrote a book called, “The God Delusion”. Dawkins stated in the book that supernatural forces and phenomena do not exist. Religious faith is a misconception or “a fixed false belief ” (“Richard Dawkins,” 2013). Atheists believe in science or something that can be proven. Furthermore, they believe that people do certain things in lives according to their ages. When they were children, they behaved and think like children. When people grew up, they became mature and their children's behaviors fade away (Dawkins, 2013). Therefore, this means that people change through times from children to adults, which is a pattern of age and time. In contrast, religious believers are taught that their lives are changed and led by god’s decisions. The first reason that supports atheism is that Atheists base their thoughts and decision making on facts. It is when people use evidence from observation and/or experience to judge different kind of situations that happen to them, other people, and their surroundings. When religion uses various stories to teach its followers, it mainly uses unexplainable events that occur in the world and illustrates them in many directions. These unexplainable stories are usually told to create by a supernatural being or god(s). During the period when most religions are originated, people do not have knowledge about certain things, such as how is thunder and lightning created and how was earth created? (“Christianity vs Religion vs Atheism |,” 2013). However, as the world became modernized, these questions and unexplainable events are being answered by science thru experience, evidence, and experiments. Christianity stated in the bible that god created earth and heaven, which can be referred from “The first book of Moses called Genesis” (James, 2003). According to the text, “God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (S, 2011). On the other hand, science explains that the huge explosion of the starting universe, or the Big Bang created earth and other planets. The scientific of Thermo dynamical facts state that the earth cannot occur by itself, because Earth is where the...
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