Ateneo Grade School Marketing

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Ateneo de Davao Grade School Marketing Planc

1. Situation Analysis

The Ateneo de Davao Grade School for PreSchool to Grade 6 is located at Acacia St., Matina, Davao City.

Currently, the school is almost at capacity with 3,226 students (SY 2011-2012). Declining numbers in enrolment have been experienced in the last 4 years. In the school year 2007-2008, the number of enrolees is 3,825 however, the number has been steadily declining in relation to the increase in tuition and misc fees. In order to combat the current trend of declining enrolment, the Ateneo Grade School has implemented structural changes such as construction of a swimming pool, a wider parking area and new educational facilities. Because of the said changes, the school is optimistic that the number of enrolees will increase for the school year 2012 -2013.

a)      Market Needs

Market needs are broken down into several key areas: Catholic Faith, Academics, Individual Focus, Values, Community, and Finances. These key areas were concluded from the SWOT analysis completed by the Group.

One of the most important reasons parents send their children to a Catholic school is for the incorporation of the Catholic doctrine into daily teaching. Parents expect the belief in God to be part of the everyday school environment and not just discussed in a religion class.

They want their children to experience religion first hand so that they can understand the beliefs, purposes, issues, and practices of the Catholic faith without preconceived notions.

Since the Catholic school is a private school and therefore requires tuition, parents expect very strong academics with better than average scores on standardized tests. In addition to strong test scores, parents want their children to learn in a way that they can connect their lessons to the world around them by truly understanding the underlying concepts. They expect the latest technologies and teaching tools to be utilized effectively.

While public schools in the area tend to be very large, many parents seek a smaller school community when attending a private school. This better allows teachers and staff to know students as individuals. The school must also offer a variety of strong extracurricular activities and sports that allow each student the opportunity to develop and excel in his/her strength. Parents also desire a safe and orderly environment (discipline) that ultimately maximizes educational time in the classroom and teaches well-respected behaviors in life.

Parents also want an environment that gives children the ability to develop a strong moral compass and set of values. They want their children to have the ability to learn to share and to understand the consequences of good and bad behavior. Parents want a focus on the values of faith, hope, love, and community.

In keeping with the practices of the Catholic Church, parents desire a school that provides the opportunity for children to share in a sense of mission and learn to do God’s work as part of a community. Offering, and even requiring, the ability to participate in and lead stewardship projects is important.

It is also imperative that there is a balance between the cost of tuition (price) and service (product). Parents need to justify the tuition fees of the school. They need to know that what Ateneo de Davao Grade School offers is a great deal more than what other private schools and public schools offer for free. In addition, parents in a difficult time want access to financial aid if they cannot afford the total cost of tuition.

b)      Market Trends

Nationally, private schools are on a downward trend with enrolment decreasing. According to the National Statistic Coordination Board, there was a decrease enrolment in the private schools compared to the public schools in the last 4 years (See Appendix 1).  As mentioned by Hermoso in the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation last June 17, 2010,...
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