At&T U-Verse Marketing Plan

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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|MBA 649: Marketing Management | |AT&T U-verse | |Marketing Plan | | | | | |Group 5 | | | |4/24/2010 |

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Internal Environment4
Customer Environment6
External Environment9
SWOT Analysis16
Marketing Goals and Objectives19
Target Market20
Product Strategy20
Pricing Strategy20
Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy21
Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion Strategy)21 Marketing Implementation21
Revenue Forecast23
Expense Forecast25
Break-Even Analysis26
Formal Controls27
Informal Controls27
Implementation Schedule and Timeline28
Marketing Audits30


AT&T U-verse uses fiber-optic technology and computer networking to offer advanced digital TV, high speed internet, and digital home phone service. AT&T is the leader in IPTV technology. The benefits of this technology are delivered to customers in the form of cost savings, advanced features, and faster and more reliable service. AT&T reached its two-millionth customer at the end of 2009, and the goal is to reach four million customers by the end of 2011. In order to achieve this goal, AT&T must ensure availability of services. U-verse service is currently available to only approximately half of its DSL customers, who are the initial target market for U-verse service. There is also promising potential of switching customers from competitors. The advanced technology AT&T uses for its U-verse services is unique and affordable, key differentiators in the telecommunications and cable industry. Government and legal regulations must be overcome in order to secure service in each community. By coordinating closely with local as well as federal regulatory bodies, AT&T can quickly resolve any outstanding issues and more quickly reach its goal of 30 million living units, as well as its goal to reach U-verse revenues of 55% of wireline services. Being the leader in this technology, AT&T has the advantage of technological know-how. They have also opted to use existing fiber, reducing expansion costs. With minimal startup costs and quick break-even points, cost-savings can be passed on to customers, making it a more attractive alternative to consumers. By focusing on employees, AT&T has created a culture in which employees are more satisfied with their jobs, translating into more innovative solutions and better customer service, both of which are key elements of AT&T’s success.


Internal Environment

Review of Marketing Goals and Objectives

AT&T has setup a number of different marketing goals and objectives for their...
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