At&T Organizational Paper

Topics: Human resources, Customer service, Customer Pages: 4 (1130 words) Published: August 6, 2008
“AT&T is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services,

wireless services and DSL internet services in the United States with 71.4 million

customers” (Wikipedia, 2008). AT&T has been in business since for 25 years. Since,

1983 AT&T has had many different names, starting out as “Southwestern Bell

Corporation” (Wikipedia, 2008). AT&T has a very large management team who is very

focused on the organization of the company. AT&T believes in making their customers

happy in every way possible therefore, they have come up with many new ideas to keep

customers with them for a longer time. AT&T believes that by having properly trained employees and by providing the most advanced technology products the company can retain their current customers and gain more customers. Human Resources

Human resources is a very important organizational resource in the AT&T corporation. The human resource department is the one in charge of hiring all the qualified employees. There are many departments in AT&T, starting with marketing to sales, customer service, acquisitions, billing, fraud, IT, outside technicians and many more. The human resources department at AT&T is always planning and organizing the companie by making sure that departments are never understaffed. The human resources team also works on different trainings for all employees so that all employees are always aware of the most up to date information that the company has to offer. Employees at AT&T have excellent benefits. Employees receive fully paid medical and dental insurance for themselves and family members. Employees also receive life insurance, tuition reimbursement and 15 days of vacation their first year of employment. AT&T also offers competitive salaries to their employees and gives four salary increases a year. The company gives cost of living increases to all employees two times a year also gives all employees a salary increase at six months of...
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