At&T of Martix Structures

Topics: Project management, Management, Organization Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: February 26, 2012
Matrix structures have a result of coordination problems in highly complex industries. The term matrix comes from the intersection of the horizontal authority-responsibility flow with the vertical floes of the traditional line and staff organization. It is also called the projects structures. In today’s workplace, employees are hired into a functional department but may find themselves working on projects managed by members of another department. These arrangements are referred to as matrix organizations. Matrix organizations combine both vertical authority relationships and horizontal work relationships. Workers are accountable to two supervisors. One is the functional manager in the department where the employee regularly works. Another one is the special project manager who uses the employee’s services for a varying period. The matrix structure has several advantages. The matrix can be very effective in a complex, changing environment. In the matrix, meetings are very common. They allow new issues to be raised and problems to be solved. On the other hands, employees can be transferred from one division to another easily. The matrix also enables the sharing of new experiences, methods of handling problems, skills among employees. In addition, in the matrix employees clearly know who is responsible for the success of the project. The matrix structure also makes possible the participation of workers in the team meetings, discussions and in the attainment of divisional objectives. This means that in the matrix organization employees are motivated because they have relatively larger tasks. Finally, this type of organization is best suitable for global organizations, as in such organizations managers can effectively achieve goals and be flexible enough to adapt to changing environments. The matrix structures also its disadvantages. The major problem is the confusion and annoyance caused by the twofold chain of command. Often employees do not know for sure to who...
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