Asylum Seekers in Australia

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Asylum Seekers In Australia
Australias mandatory detention of asylum seekers are of a serious concern. There has been aroused intense national and international debate. In the past few years we have been bombarded with images of detainees suffering from depression, mental anguish, trauma and psychological damage.

Australia has a policy of mandatory detention for all refugees and asylum seekers who arrive by boat to Australian shores (http//

Those who have reached Australias shores should not be placed in inhumane conditioned detentions, it is a breach of human rights. There have been proposed alternatives to detention of asylum seekers, many of which should be considered.

The Human Rights Watch has established many reasons to why asylum seekers have come to Australia, many of which to seek safety and hope for a better life. Once reaching Australias shores, for the majority, hope for a better life is not the case. Instead, these aslyum seekers are imprisoned. Many, if not all, are innocent. Being punished for being innocent?

People working in the field of migrant and refugee, claim that non-genuine applicants for refugee status are a very small minority, this is highly unfair to genuine applicants, the majority. (http// Like the saying, Keeping the whole class in because one child spoke.

By Australian law, these refugees are eligible to stay on Australian soil. But, under Government policies (administrated by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA)), asylum seekers are prevented claim of asylum, they not permitted to work, are denied access to medicare and foremost are forced into detention.

These asylum seekers should not be placed in detention, it is unethical.

We are the only developed country to put into practice indiscriminate detention of asylum seekers. We have indeterminately jailed them all - the elderly, the children, the...
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