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ASUSTeK Computer Inc
First company I have visited was the Taipei based computer manufacturer ASUS. As of 2009 ASUS has manufacturing facilities in:
Taiwan (Taipei, Lujhu, Nangan, Guishan)
Mainland China (Suzhou)
Mexico (Ciudad Juárez)
Czech Republic (Ostrava)
Asus claims a monthly production capacity of two million motherboards and 150,000 notebook computers. The ASUS Hi-Tech Park, located in Suzhou, China, covers 540,000 square meters, roughly the size of 82 soccer fields. ASUS operates 50 service sites in 32 countries and has over 400 service partners worldwide. It provides support in 37 languages. 2.1.History

TH Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and MT Liao founded ASUS in 1989 in Taipei, Taiwan. All four founders worked as computer engineers for Acer. The name ASUS originated from Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek Mythology. The first three letters of the word were dropped to give the resulting name a high position in alphabetical listings. As of 3 January 2008, ASUS had started restructuring its operations. The company will split into three distinct operational units: •ASUS

The ASUS brand will apply solely to first party branded computers. Pegatron will OEM manufacturing. Unihan will focus on non-PC manufacturing such as cases and molding. In the process of restructuring, the highly criticize plan restructuring effectively zeroed out the current pension balances. The company paid out all contributions previously made by employee. •2002: Forms subsidiary ASRock.

September/October 2003: debuts in the cell phone market with the J100 model. •September 2005: releases the first PhysX accelerator card. •December 2005: enters the LCD TV market with the TLW32001 model, initially only available in the Taiwan market. •January 2006: ASUS announces that it will cooperate with Lamborghini to develop its VX series. •9 March 2006: ASUS announced as one of the producers of the first Microsoft Origami...
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