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The name agar originated from the Malay word “Agar-agar”, For the sake of simplicity agar-agar was shortened to just agar and is now accepted universally whether in the food and other industries. The use of agar became widespread in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Korea, where people called it Agar-Agar, which means seaweed. Its introduction to Europe dates from 1859, almost two hundred years later. Agar has been used in food preparations for over three hundred years. Agar-agar is also practiced in the Philippines particularly in some part of Zamboanga Del Norte such as in Jose Dalman, Manukan, Sindangan, Libay and other nearby areas where climate is predictable. Philippines have an advantage over other countries because it has wider coastal areas and sea water is more suitable to agar (agar-agar). Philippine and private sector forged a partnership agreement to develop the seaweed industry. The production of Agar is available year round- particularly during peak months of October- April wherein it is relatively dry season and outside typhoon belt area. Lean supply months last from May- September wherein typhoons usually occur. Agar- agar can be harvested within 30-35 days from planting. Agar does not melt easily. Its texture is also more firm. Agar has a slightly sweet flavor and contains no calories, which is useful if you are looking for a low calorie food. Agar is a good source of calcium and iron, and is very high in fiber. It contains no sugar, no fat and no carbohydrates. It is known for its ability to aid in digestion and weight loss. It carries toxic waste out of the body. Other benefits associated with agar are its ability to reduce inflammation, calm the liver, and bring relief to the lungs. It is also considered a mild laxative and not recommended for those with weak digestion or loose stools. Agar-agar is considered as a major raw material by which many manufacturing company used in producing various products such as gelatin, rubber, plastic products, cosmetic products and so much more.

Considering the demand of agar-agar in some of the manufacturing company, this production plan is created.



Production planning is concerned with deciding in advance what is to produced when to produced, where to produced and how to produce. It involves foreseeing every step in the process of production so as to avoid all difficulties and inefficiency in the operation of the plant.   In other words, production planning involves looking ahead, anticipating bottlenecks and identifying the steps necessary to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of production.

Agar Production Company (APC) is a company producing a good quality of dried agar-agar derived from fresh green seaweeds named as “Eucheuma” .The sources of agar-agar seedlings are in Ipil, Surabay, and Lanao since they are the most nearby suppliers favorable for minimum transportation costs, and capable of supplying large quantities of fresh agar-agar seedlings with consistency.

APC will have a factory located in Punta Blanca, Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte having a total land area of 2,632sq. m. and the Agar-agar are planted in the nearby sea water 15m away from the land site having a total area of 80,000 sq. m. with a minimum depth of 12ft-20ft low tide and 14ft- 22ft during high tide following the usual changes of sea level depth. The plantation will have 152,604 agar-agar seedlings which are ½ meter apart to each other. We incurred a total cost of P285, 120. The company employs at least 10-15 contractual laborers per hectare in the planting site in an aggregate manner.

Our company uses drying machine which is essential equipment for drying Agar in order to have large production volume and efficient operation. The machine...
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