Astronomy: Human and Night Sky

Topics: Human, Sun, Star Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Astrology Week One
Week One Discussion Questions

When looking at the night sky, you can see the light of different stars. If one star looks brighter than another, is it necessarily brighter? Explain. *
* No, The star is more likely to be closer to the Earth’s atmosphere is brighter. The star dimmer is farther away from us (Earth). The size of the star can also make it appear to be brighter or less bright. Also the possibility of a star moving away from earth can appear dimmer than a star moving toward the earth.

Astronomical discoveries are imperative to science. How are they significant to our personal lives? Explain. *
* In early cultures there is evidence that links some sort of astronomical purpose. Some examples include their ceremonial uses, these observations helped determine the seasons, an important factor in knowing when to plant crops, as well as in understanding the length of the year. * The night sky’s also helped create maps because of the location of the stars all the time staying in the same place. With the curiosity of the sky it helped influence man to build things like the telescope, and to be able to zoom in. A lot of artists have been influenced as well. Painting, sculpting, illustrations, and poems of the stars and sky help bring money and food to the family’s tables.

Astrology is the study that believes and attempts to interpret the powers of heavenly bodies on human affairs. Why do you think astrology is so popular around the world, although it has failed all scientific tests of validity? *

* Astrology serves as another form of belief. Without this some human being would not have any type of faith. If we can look up toward the night sky and see something is really their than it is not too farfetched to believe in the heavens above. We all now know there is constellations in the sky and different people see different things from them. If looking up and praying to the gods than why not in the stars....
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