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The difference between speed and velocity is that
Velocity also includes a direction

the acceleration of gravity on earth is approximately 10m/s2 if you drops rock from a tall building, about how fast will it be falling after 3 seconds? 30m/s

Momentum is defined as
Mass time's velocity

suppose you live on the moon. Which of the following would be true? Your weight would be less than your weight on Earth, but your mass would be the same as it is on Earth.

In which of the following would you feel weightless?
While falling from a roof

which of the following statements is not one of Newton's laws of motion? What goes up most come down

what do we mean by the orbital energy of an orbiting object
Orbital energy is the sum of the object's kinetic energy and its gravitational potential. Energy as it moves through its orbit

What must be true in order for a rockets to travel from Earth to another planet It must attain escape velocity from earth

Approximately where is it currently high tide on Earth
On the portion of Earth directly toward the moon and the portion of earth facing directly away from the Moon

Suppose you have a 100 watt light bulb that you have turned on for one minute. How much energy did you use?

6,000 Joules

which of the following statements is true of green grass?
It absorbs red light and reflects green light

Suppose you are listening to a radio station that broadcast at a frequency of 97 MHz which of the following statements is true The radio waves from the radio station are causing electrons in your radio to move up and down 97 million times each second

Gamma rays have a very small

Suppose a photon has a frequency of 300 million hertz. What is its wavelength? 1 meter

which of the following best describes why we say light is an electromagnetic wave? The passage of light waves can cause electricity charged particles to move up and down

which of the following statements about x rays and radio waves is not true? X rays travel through space faster than radio waves

consider an atom in which the nucleus contains 8 protons and 8 neutrons. If it is doubled what is the charge of the oxygen ion and how many electrons remain in the ion? Charge = + 2 number of remaking electrons = 6

which of the following statement about electrons is not true? Electrons orbit the nucleus rather like planets orbiting the Sun.

which of the following conditions lead you to see absorption line spectrum from a cloud of gas in interstellar space? The cloud is cool and lies between you and a hot star

a hot thin (low-density, nearly transparent) gas would not produce a close approximation to a thermal radiation spectrum.

The following statement about thermal radiation is always true a hot object emits more radiation per unit surface area than a cool object

Sun's corona is true, which one explains why it is a source of x rays? The temperature of the corona's gas is some 1-2 million Kelvin

Laboratory measurements show hydrogen produces a spectral line at a wavelength of 486(nm). Particular stars spectrum shows the same hydrogen line at a wavelength at 486nm what can we conclude? The star is moving towards use

Suppose that Star X and Star Y both have red shifts, but star X has a larger red shift than star Y What can you conclude
Star X is moving away from us faster than Star Y

What is the difference between energy and power
Power is the rate at which energy is used, so it's units are a unit of energy divided by a unit of time.

Visible light from a distant star can be spread into a spectrum by using a glass prism or A diffraction grating

You notice that a leaf does two full up and down bobs each second which statement is true of the ripples on the pond They have a frequency of 2 hertz

From shortest to longest wavelength, which on the following correctly orders the different categories of electromagnetic Gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet, visible light,...
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